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How to enjoy every moment of summer - 14 fun ideas to get you started!

Updated: Jul 15

A pair of sunglasses sitting on top of a pile of sand. The ocean in the background
Ahhh...Summertime! Sea, Sun, Sand, and Sunglasses

Summertime has long been my favorite season!

Do you remember?

The excited anticipation of 3 whole months of fun and sun! The possibilities were endless! Long, hot, sweet summer days as a kid, were priceless.

The feeling of warm, wet grass on your feet, as you get back in line to run through the sprinkler again.

Flying to find your mom for some money after you hear the faint, familiar jingle of the ice cream truck in the distance.

The excited flutter, when you hear that the boy you’ve been crushing on, will be at the local pool today!

Fireflies. Stars. The scent of charcoal and wood smoke, wafting in the wind from your neighbors BBQ down the street. The smell of chlorine. All bring on a sense of nostalgia. A sentimental longing for those times long past.

When I was a kid, it seemed like summer lasted forever! We went to a big 4th of July picnic every year, and it seemed to take an eternity for July to roll around.

Now, as an adult, it seems we have just begun to settle into the dog days of summer... and it’s over!

With August swiftly approaching, we’re met with a mixture of melancholy and anticipation. Thoughts fast forward to buying children’s school clothes, meetings, fall decor, pumpkins, apples, and preparing for the new season to come. Missing out on now.

I’m here to tell you, that it’s not over til it’s over! We CAN stay present and mindful of the enticing fruits of summer. And I personally plan to relish in these last few precious weeks.

I’ve compiled a list of 14 things you can do to cherish those final, sweet summer days.

2 Women In bikinis running into the ocean. Squeeze the last precious drops out of summer. 14 things you can do today!
14 Things you can do to squeeze the last precious drops out of summer

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Go to a park and see how high you can swing

Not many things bring out your inner child as much as swinging high. Haven’t been on a swing in 30 years? Guess what? It still feels the same. It feels like freedom! Try it out!

Find a local swimming hole

Pools are great, but there’s something about walking down a beautiful, tree lined path in woods, that opens up onto a magical, God created, aquatic paradise...that just screams summer!

Invite a few friends over for an old fashioned “porch” night

Call up your best girls. Light some candles. Throw on your favorite summer playlist. Make a pitcher of sun tea , lemonade, or your adult beverage of choice, and relish in the warm summer nights.

Have a bonfire

There’s something so mesmerizing and meditative about the orange and blue glow and dancing flames of a fire. Sending sparks flying high up into the dark summer night. Gather close around the warmth with your besties, make smores, and lose yourself in the present moment of a magical summer night.

5 young adults sitting on the beach at the end of summer. They are smiling and laughing while cooking hotdogs over a fire.
End of Summer Beach Bonfire

Get Lost

Take a spontaneous day trip with no destination in mind. With GPS at our fingertips, it’s kinda hard to get lost nowadays. But give it your best shot! There’s something so freeing in releasing control to the universe and surrendering to the moment. You never know where it might take you!

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Star Gaze

Laying out under the stars has always filled me with a sense of awe and wonder.

I feel tiny and humbled under the blanket of stars in this big universe. Take a

blanket and go somewhere as far away from the city lights as possible for the

best view. Lay on your back, allow your eyes to adjust to darkness, and just be.

August 12-13 2022 Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower has been noted to be one of THE BEST meteor

Showers of the year. It has been said that you can expect to see up to 60

Shooting stars per hour! That’s one shooting star every minute! That’s a lot

of wishes!

If you’re interested in the dates other astronomical happenings this year, you can

get more info about those dates here

Make a Summer Playlist

Drop a mixtape ( showing my age here) of all of the songs that take you back to

‘ those good ole’ days’, and make your spirit soar!

Walk Barefoot

Another word that you may hear is grounding. Connecting to the energy of the

earth through standing or walking barefoot outside. You might be shocked by the

increased health benefits that you experience. Benefits like better sleep, lower

stress, muscle relaxation and more. Walking barefoot also slows down your

Steps, and helps you become more present and mindful.

Plus...when we were kids, things like shoes never mattered! Unlock that inner


A little girl sitting with her bare feet on a rock
Standing or walking barefoot benefits your health in a number of ways

Go Skinny - Dipping

I seriously haven’t done this in 20+ years, but the thrill and freedom you feel is something that sticks with you for a lifetime. You should definitely skinny dip at least once in your lifetime. This may be one that I need to revisit this summer...

*Always make safety a #1 priority when enjoying water activities*

Play a Game of Hide and Seek

Just because you may have aged a few years, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy

childhood pleasures. Gather up your friends, kids, and neighbors for a good old

fashion game of hide and seek, release, freeze tag, or any other favorite

childhood games. Only rules...Have fun and make memories!

Ready to feel happier and more connected to life? All in under 2 minutes a day!

Take a Nap in a Hammock

To float weightless, under a canopy of trees , as a soft breeze gently rocks you

back and forth, HAS to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. I have 2 daughters

who travel a lot, and they NEVER leave home without one. You never know when

you’ll find a great spot to hammock.

A woman sitting in a hammock. She is playing the guitar, as the sun is setting on a beautiful summer day.
One of summer's greatest pleasures

Run In The Rain

Just because it’s fun!

I love the energy right before a summer thunderstorm! Take a run down your

street and “ get caught “ in the rain.

PRO TIP: Watch out for cars and lightning!

Go To The Drive-In

There's nothing like sitting out under the stars, eating popcorn and watching a great double feature to give you that summer vibe. If you don't have a drive-in near your home, you can create your own. Hang a white sheet up on the porch or garage wall, pull out the projector, make a bag of popcorn, and snuggle up for a great flic.

A silhouette of a couple, sitting on the roof of a car in front of a large white screen. They are enjoying every moment of summer at the Drive in.
A nostalgic summer evening


Last up, but maybe one of the most important on the list, is to unplug from your

electronics. You aren’t going to savor the last moments of summer with your

face buried in your phone. You aren’t going to find that present moment

happiness on the internet. It’s right here, right now. Get out there and enjoy it!

Final Thoughts…

Saying goodbye to summer can be a real downer. But if you stay present and mindful, and let your inner child run the show for awhile, you can be sure to create summer memories that last a lifetime.

What kinds of things have you done to make the most of those beloved final days of summer? Let us know in the comment section below.

As Always, Light, Love, and Happiness,


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